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Renewing a bathroom completely yourself? A solvable task for real do-it-yourselfers – we will show you how to renovate your bathroom with unique bathroom accessories!

Renovating an old bathroom is usually a little more complex than building a comparable new one. For experienced do-it-yourselfers, bathroom renovations are quite feasible with the right approach.

Refresh The Old Bathroom

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a large bathroom. But even those who have a small bathroom do not have to brush their teeth in the smallest of spaces.

If you want to renovate and visually enlarge your old bathroom, you should start with a color refreshment. If your wallpaper is still in good condition, you can paint over it. Otherwise: Put the wallpaper down and put a new one on.

When choosing colors, be sure to use light, friendly colors. White, beige, light blue and other light colors are ideal for bathroom renovations. Cold colors in particular are ideal for visually enlarging an old, small bathroom.

If you are already renovating, you can have yours right away Look at tiles. Are they still in good shape or could they use a renewal? Do not hesitate. Remove the old tiles and put in new ones. Here you should use large tiles, as these do not have as many joint grids and thus visually enlarge your bathroom. Here, too, choose light-colored tiles and, if possible, do without patterns.

Creating Facts

Once bathroom ideas have been collected and products are selected, bathroom renovation can begin. Whether you lend a hand yourself or hire a specialist is entirely up to you and your DIY skills. One person swaps the basin mixer with the left, the other has problems finding the stopcock. We do not want to give any specific instructions at this point. Nevertheless, you can expect a lot more valuable information and tips that are useful when renovating the bathroom.

Renovating A Bathroom – How Long Does It Take?

Before renovating a bathroom, you naturally want to know how long it will take before the bathroom can be used again. After all, you don’t want to miss out on your daily shower. However, no general statements can be made about when the water will bubble again.

The main influencing factors are, for example:

  • Size of the bathroom
  • Extent of renovation work
  • Type of work

Tiling and sealing work, for example, are time-consuming. For some building materials that are wet, such as flexible mortar, leveling compounds or primers, drying times must be adhered to, so that the renovation is delayed by a day or two. If the pipelines are renewed, additional days are added. Electrical work also costs time.

Delays can also occur if not all trades are in one hand. So, when different companies are involved in the renovation. This often creates gaps in the schedule. Some trades can only be started when another trade is finished. And if you want to do some or everything yourself, it will also take longer than if professional bathroom construction companies are active.

Final Words

To cut a long story short: bathroom renovations can be done after three working days if everything is not turned completely inside out. However, it can also take three weeks if the bathroom is to be completely redone.

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