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Bathroom Remodeling Trends to look out for in 2022

The twenty twenties have seen home remodeling evolve like never before. What used to be hidden and decked away in a corner is now elevated, adorned, and flaunted. The basic is now practical and classy, and we are in love with this transformation. Poetic, isn’t it?

One such trend that followed the footsteps of this ideology is bathroom remodeling.

Bathrooms are beyond the point of serving a utilitarian space in modern homes. The evolution of bathrooms has been exemplary, with people adopting and embracing their bathroom space as their private chambers of solitude. The focus of bathroom remodeling in San Diego has shifted to personalizing and amplifying bathrooms to give it a flair worth spending your time in luxury and comfort.

Let’s look at some trends that are on the rise in 2022 and can change the face of bathroom remodeling forever.

1. The traditional Murals and Plants- Never Goes Out of Style.

As the interior designs call it, the biophilic approach means including natural elements like houseplants and pampas grass in your space. The idea is to create a calming, personal-spa-like entity for positive and relaxing vibes.

Scenic murals are now going beyond the living room and bedroom walls. Statement walls speak for the creativity and bold impression of the homeowner’s state of mind.

2. Subtle Vibes with Statement Marbles

Not everyone settles well with murals. If you want something low-key, statement marbles are your answer. Suppose you want a high-end luxurious look for your bathroom. In that case, you can beautifully blend the contrasting textures in subtle and classy shades like white and grey. It gives out an exquisite aura of nobility with minimalistic effects.

3. Customized Features and Specialty Installations 

The primary purpose of bathroom remodeling is to make the bathroom more accessible, glamorous, and luxurious. It doesn’t matter if the purpose of your bathroom remodeling is personal or commercial. Spa-like bathrooms are in-trend with both the homeowners and homebuyers.

From contemporary shower pans, stylish shower doors, chic and compact hardware to glamorous countertops, every detail is drafted with the user’s intent. Adding customized features to give your bathroom a close resemblance to a relaxing spa is a trend looking forward to on high rise in 2022.

4. Attention to Vanity Utility

The new innovative way is to transform bathrooms efficiently into wholesome spaces for every need. Adding stools, standout benches, and other vanity accessories in accordance with the interiors is the new rage in home remodeling must-haves 2022.

5. Heterogenic Textures and Colors

Mixing and matching different textures, materials and colors is the new version of breaking the stereotypes of monolithic bathrooms. Needless to say, the combination should give out the impression of opulence rather than a chaotic mismatch for an appealing visual and punctuated space.

6. Let Your Bathroom Breathe Nature

When we talk about incorporating natural elements in the bathroom, we are not limiting it to selecting color palettes and materials. Giving proper ventilation, ample air inflow, and sufficient room for sunlight to fall on carefully planned textures.

These were only the starters in the feast of ideas and innovation to revolutionalize home remodeling. San Diego Bathroom Remodeling Contractors have the long-standing expertise and a dedicated team of professionals to pull together the ideal bathroom of your dreams.

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