A small bathroom in a house usually looks inelegant until a quality remodelling design is implemented. Here are some of the best small bathrooms remodeling tips that you can execute for your small bathroom in San Diego for an enhanced lifestyle.

A Wall-Mounted Toilet Can Make Your Bathroom Smart

The small size of your bathroom would probably hardly matter if it functions smartly. One of the best ways to enlarge your compact bathroom is to embed a wall-mounted toilet. The tank with a wall-mounted toilet will be set up behind the wall. Cool! You can save a pretty good number of inches which can play an important role otherwise.

Toilet-Sink Combo Is Modern & Innovative

When your bathroom has to make a choice between sink and toilet, it’s time to think of a toilet-sink combo. Because you know that compromising on either of these two won’t work, remodeling your bathroom by installing a toilet-sink combo can make you save the space while you can also boast of a rare, beautiful design.


Install a Corner Sink

Is your bathroom having a very limited area to cross across? For tight bathrooms, pedestal sink can be a least preferred option. A corner sink can be a superior alternative saving space for you. Without realizing the blockage of space, you can cross the toilet area to the shower area. A corner sink serves style and great functionality.


Floated Vanity

Another way to enhance your small-sized bathroom is to mount the bathroom vanity above the flooring. A floated vanity can free up space for storing small items on the area under the vanity.


Extend the Counter with a wood Slab

It’s obvious to have a small counter in a small bathroom. However, you can extend the counter up to the wall with a wood slab. Creating enough space for items of daily use, an extended slab can add more functionality and sophistication to your bathroom.

Mount the Towel Bar on Shower Door

When you are already tight on inches in your bathroom, even a towel bar can help to save space. Instead of mounting the towel bar on a bathroom wall, you can stick it on to the shower door itself. This kind of towel bar can render more handy and comfortable access to the towel.


Wall-Mounted Faucets

Another small bathroom remodeling idea in San Diego is to accommodate wall-mounted faucets. These faucets can help free up the footage square of the bathroom as a narrower sink can work well if the faucets are emerging from the wall in lieu of the sink area.


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