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Nordic culture is characterized by a conciliatory lifestyle that carries over to all living areas, including design. The Scandinavian style has the virtue of achieving a perfect balance between the functional and the aesthetic, using its own resources and valuing indigenous materials, always prioritizing the quality of life in their homes and businesses. They are an example of honest, practical, and beautiful design based on the simplicity of lines and small details that make a simple interior.

Today we will focus on the decoration of Kitchen Remodeling in San Diego, CA, in Nordic-style, studying how to apply its philosophy to achieve the kitchen of our dreams. The Nordic design is based on increasing the feeling of natural light, natural materials like wood, and the application of small decorative touches to print the character of home space. Based on these premises, there are four apparent aspects of Nordic-style kitchens’ design that we will see below.

White on White

It is the most purist style, where light becomes the highest priority. A clear example is the photos that accompany this section, where white predominates both in the kitchen front and in the different storage modules and, sometimes, even the countertop, which is usually chosen in marble.

If so much white is excessive for you, you can balance it with the furniture or with a natural wood countertop in its lighter version (such as ash or maple). If you decide on this option, try to make the wood uniform’s tone, with little grain, and try to use the same variety to achieve a harmonious environment.

White and Wood

This option is perfect for those passionate about wood; we can reverse the previous binomial and achieve a greater prominence of this material during Kitchen Remodeling in San Diego, CA. Choose 60% of your kitchen coverings in white and the remaining 40% in light woods or medium tones. You will achieve a bright but warmer atmosphere, and you will have the better of each one.

Natural with a Touch of Color

Starting from a chromatic balance based on white and light woods, joy is provided by the touch of color in the wall tiles, flooring, textiles, and kitchenware. The Nordic style Kitchen Remodel in San Diego uses geometric motifs with soft lines and complementary colors, pastel tones, and the game of black and white.

Black and White

Despite the value given to natural light, sometimes we seek to create more subdued and elegant environments, for which white interiors become unwelcome. This is achieved through the use of black and woods in medium tones. Without neglecting white as a base, black is combined in large parts of the kitchen furniture and the woods in the flooring, in a couple of dining rooms, and in the kitchenware.

Final Words

So far, these are the tips for Kitchen Remodeling in San Diego, CA in Nordic style. However, in case you’ve been wanting, we leave you with a complete gallery of images to soak up this relaxed style at home. 

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