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You are beyond bored with your old bathroom and on several occasions, you have wanted to remodel it, but just thinking about removing the tiles makes your hair stand on end. Don’t worry; today, renovating the bathroom without removing tiles is possible with San Diego Bathroom Remodeling. We show you some tricks that will be very useful and ranging from a new look for your walls to changing furniture or creating custom shelves. Everything is possible without making too much of a mess.

Epoxy Resin Flooring

Do you like the effect of continuous flooring? Here’s another solution that doesn’t require you to raise your floor either. It is about epoxy resin, a self-leveling floor made with the most resistant, waterproof, and durable material. Epoxy resin is made up of a thermoset polymer that hardens when mixed with a catalyst agent. It is effortless to apply, it is poured on your floor and dries, resulting in a completely flat and smooth surface, and it saves the cost of changing your bathroom by not having to remove the previous floor. And there is a wide variety of colors.

Removable Floors

Let’s start on the floor. You will be surprised to know that there are solutions on the market that do not require removing the tiles and serve as a support to place your new mosaic. They are also easily placed on your old floor: they are vinyl tiles or self-adhesive linoleum. These floorings have a more than apparent visual impact, as they are capable of imitating any finish, from wood to traditional hydraulic-style tiles. Also, if you decide to lay another type of flooring or even return to the original, you can easily remove the tiles with the help of General Contractors in San Diego.

Bet On Wallpaper

If your bathroom has completely smooth walls, either partially or, in addition to painting, which is the solution that radically changes the rooms, you can also include the wallpaper. The advantage of this material is the wide variety of patterns, plain or patterned. However, for its placement in humid places such as the bathroom, it is necessary to choose waterproof vinyl paper. Opt for a paper with a drawing or a model that follows a specific pattern. It will always be better to hire professional San Diego Handyman Services so that its placement is perfect.

Changing the Bathroom Furniture

Now, what if your floors and walls are not so bad, or maybe you want to give a twist to your bathroom decoration with a complete change. Furniture can help you. A bathroom cabinet will not be costly, and changing it is not a time-consuming job either. And it is a clean and simple alternative that will fit the decorative style you like the most.

OSB Coatings for Your Walls

OSB coatings have already convinced us in other rooms of the house. And for the bathroom, too, since they avoid major works and remove the tiles, which is why they are emerging as a great option. These are chipboards that are distributed in different layers, joined with synthetic glue, and pressed. Besides being an ecological material, it has excellent durability and versatility. They have many definite wood characteristics, such as soundproofing, insulation, and resistance, but much cheaper and easy to install.

Final Words

So, do not worry about opting for these home improvement ideas for your San Diego Bathroom Remodeling and giving your bath space a master look.

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