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When there are two of us at home, there is only room for one bathroom, or when the bathroom is incorporated into the master bedroom, it is time to share it with the couple. If they both have the same schedule or use it often, it can be uncomfortable (put aside a bit that I have to rinse my teeth, let me shave because I am in a hurry), etc

These cases’ solution is clear: a double sink to turn this room into a bathroom for two. In this way, each one has their own little space where they can wash, comb their hair, put on make-up, shave, brush their teeth or enjoy their little piece of privacy, even if they have the other side by side.

However, San Diego Bathroom Remodeling for two entails an essential requirement: space, since there is not always room for a countertop that allows you to place two sinks without feeling cramped. Therefore, it is necessary to have an elongated wall that can accommodate at least a 120cm worktop (the recommended minimum) so that each one can have at least 60cm vital. However, the idea is to have 150cm up and leave some space countertop to place cans and bathroom utensils.

In any case, when designing San Diego Bathroom Remodeling for two, there are several double sink options that we can take into account.

Separate Furniture or Sinks

A first option is to place two washbasin units or merely two sinks (either in block or suspended) separately, which accentuates each member of the couple’s intimacy and the division of zones (this is yours, this mine).

In these cases, the sinks or furniture are usually totally symmetrical (same model, size, and color) to not break the aesthetics of the bathroom. The middle area usually acts as a visual separator for some reason, be it a freestanding bathtub, a pillar, or simple towel racks.

A Single Piece of Furniture or Countertop for Both Sinks

It is the most common option, as it is the one that best combines the use of space and the division of areas. In these cases, the couple shares a countertop and furniture but have their own sink. In these cases, symmetry also tends to play an essential role in the Bathroom Remodeling of San Diego, opting for the same type of washbasin and taps.

Same Furniture, Same Washbasin, Two Taps

Another option, especially suitable for when space is tight, consists of placing two separate taps but sharing the same elongated sink. The feeling of intimacy is somewhat less, but they are convenient as they allow a countertop to be left on both sides of the sink to use each member.

Same Worktop, Opposite Sinks

Although less common, the last option is to share a countertop with a lot of depth and place two sinks facing each other, sharing the mirror that is located halfway down from the ceiling. In this way, the feeling of division and intimacy is accentuated because the couple’s members do not see each other while using the sink since they are hidden behind the shared mirror. Instead, this very aesthetic system requires a lot of available space (it involves building an island in the middle of the bathroom). That is why it is usually only suitable for large homes.

Finally, although San Diego Renovation Contractors have mentioned that in these cases, symmetry is a plus, we have also commented on the occasion that the rules are there to break them, so a small asymmetry in this type of bathroom can also be aesthetic. Of course, in this case, it should focus on a single element: for example, two sinks of the same material but slightly different in shape or two different taps placed in different areas of the worktop or similar but placed asymmetrically.

Final Words

As you can see, if you want to avoid fights with your partner over the bathroom space, you have very aesthetic options for all tastes which go perfect with San Diego Bathroom Remodeling.

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