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You are a fan of vintage and the mixture of styles in decoration. However, on the bathroom side, it’s more modern bathrooms that attract you! You imagine a designer bathroom and rather refined in your future home, with sober and relatively contemporary lines. If you are also seduced by this trend, we give you 7 tips to adopt in your San Diego Bathroom Remodeling.

Choose Elegant Materials

For a designer bathroom, quality materials are obviously to be favored. Avoid plastic and opt for pretty materials such as waxed concrete, wood, metal, lacquer, and brass, for example!

Think Of Storage for a Bathroom That Is Always Impeccable

A designer bathroom is a perfectly tidy bathroom! To not ruin all your planning efforts with bottles that invade the sink or towels on the edge of the shower, do not forget to provide storage! We prefer sliding drawers rather than cupboards, which are more practical daily. If your current bathroom does not have one, think of creative little furniture pieces, such as a ladder, bathroom cabinet that includes a mirror, or even wall storage.

Bet On the Contemporary Lines of A Square Basin

With their contemporary lines, square basins are ideal for giving a designer touch to a bathroom. You can choose them to pose, to embed, or even suspended. To choose your washbasin, turn to San Diego Renovation Contractors for quality items.

Take Care of the Lighting

Lighting is an essential element to enhance a room and a decoration. The bathroom is no exception to this rule! For a designer Bathroom Remodeling in San Diego, the backlighting brings a little extra touch! As for the light points, pay special attention to the choice of wall lights. They must be both attractive and functional and diffuse a suitable light.

Deck Up with Wallpaper

Recently, wallpaper is making a strong comeback in the decor. Still, if it is given pride in the bedroom, living room, or entrance, we think less about it for the bathroom. However, it warms the atmosphere and brings a touch of refinement to this room, the decoration of which is now considered with as much care as the living rooms. In touches behind the sink or above the bathtub, in the total look on a wall section or even behind the shower, wallpaper is everywhere!

Waxed Concrete Decoration

Waxed concrete in the bathroom is a decorative trend that has become almost a classic. Practical and ideal material in the bathroom, it does not have any joints, which make its maintenance and its perfect durability! However, be careful that waxed concrete itself is porous, so it is necessary to apply suitable protection to it to make it waterproof. Thus, for San Diego Bathroom Remodeling, waxed concrete is ideal for modernizing it, mainly since it can be applied to the old tiling without prior removal.

Don’t Forget the Decorative Touch

Finally, to finish, do not forget to bring a touch of decoration to make your bathroom stand out! A pretty tile, a colored wall, or just a large plant will make all the difference!

Final Words

So, if you are looking for such unique bathroom renovations in San Diego, hire our expert renovation contractors to give a glam touch to your bathroom space.

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