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We enter the final stretch of one of the strangest years that we have had to live, and another begins with renewed joys. Due to the particular peculiarities of this year, in which practically all the fairs and events in the world of interior design have been canceled, a large part of the trends detected for this year will likely continue during the following year.

Today, we want to focus on the guidelines that will guide San Diego Kitchen Remodeling ideas for 2021.

Do you want to know them? Let’s go with them!

  1. Mediterranean Style

The Mediterranean style, sometimes combined with modernist details, is in general decoration and kitchen design. Exposed beams, brick walls, hydraulic tile floors, or Nolla mosaic with touches of wood will delight lovers of this style that is so ours.

  1. Eco-Friendly Designs

Everything eco, sustainable, and natural is in fashion and the kitchens were not going to be less.

Natural stone countertops, materials that do not harm the environment, OSB boards or furniture fronts, and wooden drawers are a trend in Kitchen Remodeling San Diego, CA. Likewise, materials such as grating, terrazzo, or micro cement would fall into this category, both with a “soft” aesthetic and soft colors, as well as with industrial but cared air, combining gray tones with noble woods.

  1. Open Concept

A classic kitchen design that is here to stay has more and more followers. The kitchens fully integrated into the living room as one more part of it are all the rage.

In this sense, minimalist kitchens are white or in neutral and timeless tones that blend in with the living room furniture and do not stand out excessively from everything else. Hence, furniture without handles or a smooth aesthetic is increasingly present, both in gloss or matte finish lacquers and high-performance acrylic laminates.

  1. Fine Frames

The fundamental choice was smooth doors for contemporary kitchens or paneling for rustic or shabby chic ones. This choice is now being expanded with doors with fine framing around them, which are currently a trend in San Diego Kitchen Remodeling. They can be placed in the entire kitchen or combined with upper units in a straight and/or different color format.

  1. Bare Walls

Although it is not always possible for practical reasons, it is necessary to eliminate the modules in the upper area of ​​the wall, leaving it clean to cover it with textures or shelves that lighten the kitchen and improve its visual amplitude.

  1. Shocking Fronts

For years, it has been a classy design trend to dress the kitchen front with the same material as the countertop with the assistance of San Diego Remodeling Contractors. Now it is time to create original and striking fronts that contrast with the furniture’s neutrality and the kitchen countertop.

Colored tiles, or pieces in neutral tones with different shapes and placements than usual, win integers in San Diego Kitchen Remodeling design 2021.

Final Words

In short, choose from to be up-to-date in kitchen design for this coming 2021 with San Diego Remodeling Contractors’ help.

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